Advantages of Pre-designed Home Plans

Though there are limitations as compare to traditional way, the following are the advantages of pre-designed home plans.

1. It is cheaper

Pre-designed house plan is similar to RTW or ready to wear dress, which you just have to look for your dress that fits your body while considering the style that you like. It is cheaper than when you go to a fashion designer. But not like RTW or any other physical product, pre-drawn house plan can be sold online without the need of transportation service, thus, no need delivery cost. Pre-drawn house plans are significantly cheaper but it does not necessarily mean it has poor quality. You may ask, “Why is it so cheaper as compared to traditional?” The very fundamental reason why it is cheaper is based on the concept of economies of scale. Specialization of labor and more integrated technology boost its production. And it can be sold unlimitedly without adding cost of production.

2. It saves time and convenient way.

Since you don’t have to go to a designer’s physical office repeatedly during the design process, you actually save your precious time. It is more conducive and less stress. You can even talk about it with your family members at home while in front of the computer or anywhere using tablet or any gadget as long as you have internet connection.

3. It is customizable

If you may find a pre-designed home plan that you like but not exactly what you required, you may request for modification. For example, you need additional bathroom. If you know AutoCAD or you know someone who knows to operate AutoCAD, the file is editable. so digital package is an alternative to blueprint package.


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