Design Considerations

Designing a house is not just simple drawing. There are important factors that should be considered. It is not just the aesthetics or beauty which is commonly known factor of design. One should consider the following factors to be able to distinguish a good design.


All required spaces or rooms must be clearly defined such as bedrooms, kitchen, dining, living, garage, etc. Each space must accommodate the necessary furniture, cabinet, appliances, and other things. So size and shape of each space is important based on the function. As a famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, popularized the concept of “form follows function.”

Building & Fire Codes

The design shall be in accordance with standards required by the Building Code and Fire Code. There are standard minimum and maximum quantities to be complied to make a building or house safe and healthy to use or live in.


The house must be structurally sound that can resist the forces both the dead loads and the live loads. Dead loads are basically the static or permanent loads of the building such as roof, walls, columns, slabs, etc. While live loads are the dynamic or temporary impact, momentum, vibration and other kind of forces including the external forces created by wind, rain, earthquake, typhoon, etc.


Utilities pertain to plumbing, electrical and mechanical parts of the house. The first two are the most common. Each of these has its separate law to give more importance. Thus, aside from the Building Code and Fire Code, we have the Plumbing Code and Electrical Code to keep the materials and methods are done properly.


This is the most common criteria of the people when looking at good design. Although, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, aesthetics and style should also be considered. It does not only create sense of social status for the home owners, but also gives happiness to everyone to see a beautiful built environment which may also be a source of inspiration

Energy Conservation

This is how to take advantage the natural light and ventilation, instead of depending only on the artificial means of lighting and ventilation. Besides, natural is still considered healthy as well as economical.


This is an artificial way on how a built environment like house to be harmonized with the nature. As Frank Lloyd Wright said, "The good building is not one that hurts the landscape, but one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was built.” Aside from oxygen generates by the plants, it enhances the feeling of serenity.


The site in which a house to be constructed has to be analyzed first. The existing trees, neighborhood, establishments, size of the lot and dimensions, the contours, etc. are important things to consider. In pre-designed plans, this factor is assumed to be no problem, that is residential zone, plain, flat, free of hazard.


This is a challenge for every designer to come up with a home design according to client’s budget especially during the times of increasing inflation in a particular country. Choosing pre-designed home plan may lessen the cost of building your home.


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