AbodesDrawing.com is a cyber-gallery of pre-designed house plans that can be purchased in Digital Package and in Blueprint Package.

Either digital package or blueprint package, the pre-designed home plans package generally consists of perspectives, floor plans, elevations, sections, roof plan, reflected ceiling plan, kitchen detail, bathroom detail, stairs detail (if 2-storey), doors & windows schedules.

As indicated in the "Contents of the Package" for each house, the picture above shows an example of the contents of all files compressed in RAR format folder. It includes a PDF (all sheets in this single file which is ready to print), CAD files, which you can edit the drawings, picture files (attached to the AutoCAD files), & a Note file (reminding that the picture files are linked to the CAD drawing files).

Not just drawings, the fundamental factors of design are meticulously considered. Plans are generally designed based on logical circulation & proximity of rooms or spaces. Building codes & standards such as minimum & maximum requirements are conservatively complied. Natural light & ventilation are also given importance.

In terms of drawing quality, though perfection is not assurance, AbodesDrawing.com is committed to excellence in making drawings. The quality is assured by using necessary technology that constantly improve the quality, accuracy & consistency. And it is repeatedly checked before it is finally uploaded.

If you have questions, comments, suggestion, or any other inquiry, you may send your message thru contact form or email us to contact@abodesdrawing.com.

Thank you for visiting AbodesDrawing.com.


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