1. Identify the Problem

  • Identify the basis of complaint
  • Decide if you want repair, refund or replacement

2. Gather Documents

  • Collect all the evidence/s of purchase such as sales invoice, official receipt, repair orders, warranty cards and the likes

3. Visit the Place of Purchase

  • Proceed to the store’s Consumer Welfare Desk (CWD) or customer service unit.
  • Call the attention of the seller and explain the details of the incident along with your reason/s for complaining.
  • Mention your preferred remedy
  • Seek the assistance of the supervisor or manager and discuss your concern if the conflict persists

4. If still dissatisfied, file a formal complaint

  • Write a formal letter of complaint to the concerned agency and include the following:

a.    Date of filing of the Complaint

b.    Name of Complainant

c.    Address of Complainant

d.    Name of Respondent

e.    Address of Respondent

f.     Details of the Incident

g.    Signature of Complainant


Click here to download complaint form