Who can apply for a Business Name Registration (BNR)?


Businessmen / Entrepreneurs



What are the requirements in applying for a BNR?


For original application by a Filipino Citizen

1.    Applicant must be at least 18 years old;

2.    Duly filled-out Application Form; and

3.    Presentation of proof of owner’s identity/ one (1) government issued ID


Additional requirement for those Filipino Citizenship is acquired by naturalization, election or by any other means as provided by the law

1.    Present original and submit photocopy of any of the following:

a.    Naturalization Certificate or Oath of Allegiance issued by the Bureau of Immigration (BI)

b.    Affidavit of Election

c.    Valid identification cards issued by the Bureau of Immigration (BI)

Additional Requirement for a Foreign National

1.    Present original and submit clear certified copy of the following, if applicable:

a.    Certificate of Authority to Engage Business in the Philippines pursuant to Foreign Investment Act

b.    Certificate of Authority to Engage in Retail Trader (Retail Trade Liberalization Law)

c.    Or such other applicable laws, as the case may be

Additional requirements if filer is other than the applicant

1.    Authorization letter from the owner

2.    Valid ID of the authorized representative


For Renewal Application

1.    Same requirements as that for new application

2.    Submission of original copy of Certificate of BN Registration or affidavit of loss



What are the fees in applying for a BNR?


1.    Registration Fee per territorial scheme

a.    Barangay             P200.00

b.    City/Municipal       P500.00

c.    Regional             P1,000.00

d.    National              P2,000.00

2.    Documentary Stamp of P15 per application



How long is the processing time?


From receipt of duly accomplished Application Form together with the required supporting documents:

·         Within the day (1) for walk-in

·         Five (5) days online


What are the steps in availing the service?


Step No.

Client’s Step

Agency’s Action

Person in Charge


Secure Application Form

(Applicant may download Application Form from

Provide Application Form

Frontline Desk Officer


Fill out Application Form and proceed to BN Waiting Area

Call applicant on first-come-first serve basis

BN Processor


Submit duly accomplished Application Form together with supporting documents

a.  Receive Application Form

b.  Check completeness of Application Form

c.  Verify proposed BN

d.  Encode information in the database

e.  Generate Transaction Reference Number (TRN)

f.   Encode the TRN to effect the documents submitted in the database

g.  Return Application Form with TRN to applicant

BN Processor


Present Application For with TRN and pay fees

a.  Receive payment together with Application Form and TRN

b.  Encode the TRN to effect payment in database

c.  Print Official Receipt (OR)

d.  Print BN Certificate of Registration

e.  Record in the Logbook

Cashier/ Special Collecting Officer (SCO)



BN Processor

BN Processor/ Designated Staff


Claim BN Certificate of Registration

Release BN Certificate of Registration

BN Processor/ Designated Staff



 click here to download BNR form