This January, DTI-Nueva Vizcaya Consumer Protection Division conducted on-site evaluation and assessment of service and repair shops to determine their compliance  to PD 1572 – the Accreditation Law which states that all enterprises and technical personnel employed therein engaged in the service and repair of motor vehicles, heavy equipment, engines and engineering works; electronics, electrical, air-conditioning and refrigeration; office equipment; medical and dental equipment; and other consumer industrial electro-mechanical, chemical and gaseous equipment, machinery appliances or devices, shall apply for accreditation with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and shall apply for renewal on or before the 31st day of January of every year.

No such service or repair enterprises and technical personnel shall be licensed or permitted to operate in the Philippines for the first time without first being accredited by DTI. 

The classification of accreditation for electronics, electrical, air-conditioning and refrigeration service and repair enterprises shall be as follows:

(a) Electronics Service and Repair Enterprises;

(b) Electrical Service and Repair Enterprises;

(c) Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Service and Repair Enterprises;

(d) Any two combinations of a, b and c; and

(e) Combination of a, b and c.

To date, thirty-four (34) service and repair shops were inspected and out of this, 15 shops were issued Certificate of Accreditation.