The Department of Trade and Industry Isabela Provincial Office (DTI Isabela) partners with the Radio Mindanao Network (RMN) DWKD 98.5 to bring their listeners especially those belonging to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Sector, up-to-date on the services, development programs and activities of DTI.

From January 10, 2019 and every Thursday hence at 11 o’clock in the morning, DTI Isabela will be featured regularly in the Sentro Serbisyo radio program of RMN DWKD 98.5.

During its initial run, DTI Isabela’s Negosyo Center coordinator, Ms. Jessamae Malana discussed the programs and services of the Negosyo Centers.  With her was Planning Assistant and Information Officer designate, Chary Anne Gauani who discussed the Pondo sa Pagbabago at Pag-asenso Program, also known P3 Program.

To date, the Province of Isabela has twenty – six Negosyo Centers located within the local government unit’s (LGU) compound.  Even the island municipalities of Palanan and Divilican have their own Negosyo Centers.  As prescribed by R.A. 10644, also known as the Go Negosyo Act, Negosyo Centers are responsible for promoting the ease of doing business and facilitating access to services for MSMEs.

The BMBE law as discussed by Ms. Malana provides BMBE – registered MSMEs with incentives such as tax exemption from income derived from the business, exemption from the coverage of the minimum wage law and priority to special credit windows set up specifically for the financing requirements of BMBE registered businesses.  MSMEs may register as BMBE with the DTI Provincial Offices and the LGU-based Negosyo Centers.

According to Ms. Gauani, one of the frequently asked question of MSMEs is regarding access to finance.  She said that while DTI does not provide financing for MSMEs it is, however, able to link MSMEs to financing institutions that offer special credit programs for MSMEs.  One of these is the Small Business Corporation (SB Corp) which is an attached corporation of DTI and is in charge of the implementation of the P3,a funding program that provides microenterprises an alternative source of financing that is easy to access and made available at a reasonable cost.

Before the end of the radio program, Ms. Malana announced that DTI Isabela will soon start screening for the Kapatid Mentor Me (KMME) Program’s Batch 5 and 6.  The KMME is a program that helps MSMEs scale up their business through weekly coaching and mentoring sessions by seasoned business owners and practitioners, experts on different functional areas such as business planning, operations, financial management, taxation.

With the launching of this weekly radio program Sentro Serbisyo, DTI Isabela hopes to gain wider audience and create greater impact on the growth of the economy of the province, the region and the nation as a whole.