In view of its location within the watersheds of the Caraballo and Cordillera mountain ranges and its distinction as the major source of fruits and vegetable in the region, Nueva Vizcaya is hailed as a “Watershed and Agro - Forestry Haven”.


Located about 268 km north of Metro Manila, the province is tagged to be the new alternative destination for outdoor and environment enthusiasts.



  • Recognized as the Citrus Capital  of the Philippines
  • Salad Bowl of Region 02… having the highest production of vegetables in the region
  • Agro-Forestry hub of Cagayan Valley
  • Watershed haven of Region 02
  • Soil characteristics and climate are conducive to the production of high value crops
  • Supportive & Innovative Local Government
  • Recipient of National and International Awards for Excellence and Innovative  Local Governance
  • Rich in mineral resources



Capital - Bayombong


Towns - 15 Municipalities


Barangays - 277 Barangays


Classification - 2nd Class


Land Area - 390,387 has.


Climate - Relatively wet from May to October

                  Relatively dry from November to April.


Population (Census 2007) - 397,837


Population Density (Census 2007) - 102  per sq. km.


Labor Force - 239,000


Employment Rate - 94%


Literacy Rate - 91.07%


Language/Dialect  - Ilocano, Filipino, English, Ifugao, Kalanguya, Isinai, Bugkalot, Kankanaey, Gaddang, Ibaloi






A. Agri-Aqua Based Industry

  • Fishponds and Hatchery
  • Food Production and Processing (Fruits and Fruit Trees, Organic Rice and Vegetable, Spices, Legumes, Yacon, Coconut and Mushroom)
  • Cutflower Production
  • Industrial/ Commercial Tree Plantation
  • Wood Processing
  • Organic Medicinal Herbs and Essential Oil Plantation and Processing
  • Livestock Production and Processing (Cattle, Swine, Small Ruminants, Poultry and Game Fowl)
  • Quality Seeds and Seedling ProductionJatropha Plantation (Renewable Energy)

B. Forest-based  and GHD

  • Wood Processing
  • Industrial Tree and Orchard Plantation
  • Seed and Seedling Production
  • Bamboocraft
  • Rattancraft
  • Tiger Grass Processing
  • Pottery and Ceramics Production


C. Eco-cultural Tourism Industry

  • Eco-Tourism Destinations Development
  • Tourist Accomodation and Facilities (Hotels, Resorts, Appartelles, Pension Houses and Tourist Inns)
  • Convention/ Training Centers
  • Historico-Cultural Heritage Sites Development


D. Support Industries

  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Packing Materials Production
  • Concrete Products Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals (Herbal Medicine)
  • Organic Fertilizer Production
  • Common Carriers (Land and Air Transport Facilities)
  • Hydro Power Development
  • Water Supply Facilities/ waterways and sewerage systems
  • Buses/ cargo Trucks
  • Piped Irrigation Facilities
  • Ecological Solid Waste Management Facilities (Recycling and Sanitary Landfill Facility)
  • Public Markets
  • Sports Complex Facilities
  • Public Passenger Terminal
  • Industrial Estates (Light to Medium Industries)
  • Commercial Estates (Shopping Malls)