Isabela is the second largest province in the country. Its vast tract of forest land can be tapped as an agro-forestry industrial area to produce at sustained level the wood requirements of prospective wood-based industries.


Considering its strategic location in the center of the region and its demonstrated strength in trade and commerce, Isabela is dubbed as the region’s “Regional Trade and Industrial Center”.




  • Second largest province in the Philippines
  • Strategic location between the  port  of Cagayan Economic Zone and the national capital center of the country-Metro Manila
  • Productive Forest Land and Watershed Areas
  •  “ Hybrid Corn & Rice Champion of the Philippines”
  • It boasts of its lengthy range of seacoasts  in Palanan, Maconacon, Dinapigue and Divilacan Bays that are rich in fisheries and  aquatic resources
  • Home of Magat Dam, a major source of power and water supply of Northern Luzon




Capital - Ilagan


City/ Towns - Cauayan City

                       Santiago City

                      35 Municipalities


Barangays - 1,057 Barangays


Classification - 1st Class


Land Area - ,066,456 has.


Climate - Relatively wet from May to Oct.

                  Relatively dry from Nov. to April


Population (Census 2007) - 1,401,495 (Provincial)

                                                   114,254 (Cauayan City)

                                                    126,244 (Santiago City)


Population Density (Census 2007) - 131 per sq. km.


Labor Force - 561,000


Employment Rate - 84.70%


Literacy Rate - 95.98%


Language/Dialect - Ilocano, Ybanag, Tagalog, Palanan, Yogad, Gaddang




A. Agri-Aqua Based Industries

  • Miki Production
  • Banana Production and Processing
  • Coconut Production and Processing
  • Bio-Organic Fertilizer Production
  • Cassava Production and Processing
  • White Corn Production and Processing
  • Bio-Ethanol/ Jatropha Production
  • Mushroom Production and Processing
  • Pineapple Production and Processing
  • Sugarcane Production and Processing
  • Calamansi/ Citrus Production
  • Mango Production and Processing
  • Tomato Production and Processing
  • Ampalaya (Pinakbet) Production
  • Livestock/ Poultry Production and Processing
  • Tilapia and Prawn Production and Processing

B. Forest-Based Industries

  • Wood Processing (Furniture & Furnishings, Plywood, Wood Tiles, Fiber Board and Lumber Production
  • Industrial Tree and Orchard Plantation
  • Medicinal Herbs Production

C. Eco-Tourism Industry

  • Magat Dam Complex, Waterworld Resort
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Punta Amelita Resort
  • Sta. Victoria Caves
  • Crocodile Farm
  • Agro-Ecological Destination
  • Batintokatok
  • Dancing Dolphins, Eagle Sighting
  • Honeymoon Island, Flying Fox
  • Bird Watching
  • Bellfry Tower - Saint Mathias Church
  • Miraculous Guibang Shrine
  • Memorial Shrine of General Aguinaldo

D. Mining Industry


E. IT-BPO Industry