Batanes Islands lies at the tip of the Philippines, where the Pacific ocean merge with the South China Sea. It is 270 km north of Aparri, the nearest point in Luzon, about 8000 km from Manila and 224 km from the southern tip if Taiwan. This province is bounded by the Bashi Channel on the south, the Philippine Sea/Pacific Ocean on the East and the South China Sea on the West.


Owing to its high potential for large-scale commercial production of fish and fishery products on top of its pristine beauty and unique cultural heritage, Batanes shall be the region’s “Marine Fishery and Eco-Tourism Core”.



  • Haven of lush green, clear and clean blue waters, verdant rolling hills and unique culture
  • Managed Pastureland and Natural Grasslands
  • Untapped mineral resources
  • 4,500 sq. kms. of territorial  waters rich in pelagic fishes and other marine products.
  • 12,909.1 has. for vegetation, pastureland and woodland.
  • Develop Organic Produce agri-products
  • Rich in mineral resources




Capital - Basco


Towns - Basco, Mahato, Ivana,  Uyugan, Sabtang, Itbayat


Barangays - 29 Barangays


Classification - 4th Class


Land Area - 20,928 has.


Climate - Warm from March to May

                  Rainy from June to August

                  Windy from September to November; Cool from Dec. to Feb.


Population (Census 2007) -   15,974


Population Density (Census 2007) - 76  per sq. km.


Labor Force -  9,000


Employment Rate - 97.6%


Literacy Rate - 97.4 %


Language/Dialect -  Ivatan, Filipino, English, Ichbayaten



A. Eco-Tourism Industry

        •          Batanes Ecological-Cultural Tourism Industry

        •          Development of Tourism Facilities (Accomodation Facilities, Restaurants and Creation)


B. Agri-Aqua-Marine Based Industries

 •          Agri-business (Organic Production)


          Batanes Garlic



 •          Deep Sea/ Commercial Fishing

 •          Inland Fish Production

 •          Livestock & Poultry Production

 •          Dairy Industry


C. Basic Infrastructure

         •          Ports

         •          Construction of Inter-island Shelter port and allied facilities

         •          Construction of Basco All-Weather Ship Shelter Port

         •          Water System

         •          Drainage System - Batan Island

         •          Improvement of Water Works System - Batan, Sabtang & Itbayat

         •          Power

         •          Mini-hydro power plant - Batan Island

         •          Wind/Solar Power Plant


D. Health  Facilities

E. Education

F. Forest Resource Management Programs

G. Coastal Resource Management Programs

H. Quarrying

I. Solid Waste Management Programs