Palanan is one of the coastal towns of Isabela; a 1st class municipality composed of 17 barangays. The municipality is separated by the Sierra Madre Mountains from the rest of the province; it can be reached by plane, boat ride and/or a multi-day hike from the municipality of San Mariano.


The municipality has a total of 251 business establishments categorized into trading, manufacturing, services and processing issued with business permits.


On April 4-7, 2017 the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Isabela Provincial Office headed by DTI Isabela Provincial Director, Ma. Salvacion Castillejos conducted a DTI Service Caravan for the delivery of the programs, projects and services of the agency.


On the first day of the Caravan, a Roadshow was conducted at the SB Session Hall, Barangay Centro East to heighten the level of awareness of the municipality’s new public officials and its constituents about the programs, projects and services of the agency offered to LGUs, business owners and consumers.


On behalf of the Local Chief Executive Hon. Elizabeth B. Ochoa, Honorable Vice Mayor Saturnina B. Cabaldo gave her warm welcome remarks and expressed her appreciation to DTI, LGU officials and to the participants.


Among the topics discussed were DTI’s breakthroughs, objectives and organizational structure, DTI’s advocacy both for the consumers and business owners; the programs, projects and services offered to nurture MSMEs for their development, salient features of laws, rules and regulations regarding business operations and product standards. About 36 participants attended the roadshow.


On the second day, a Business and Consumer Education Advocacy was conducted attended by the LGU employees, business owners and consumers.

Other topics discussed were the importance of business name, business name law and steps on business name registration were also discussed, salient features of laws, rules and regulations regarding business operations, accreditation, product price/s, and product standards, as well as the rights and responsibilities of a consumer. About 43 participants attended the seminar.


A visit and monitoring of the Meat and Fish Processing Equipment Shared Service Facility (SSF) Project was also conducted on the same day. The SSF Project is located at Barangay Centro West, Palanan.


They also visited and conducted a product cliniquing, and consultancy to the two (2) MSMEs identified as part of the Priority Industry – Gifts, Housewares and Decors (GHD) and are OTOP proponents. The two (2) identified MSMEs were Ms. Minerva Arugay owner of Sabutan Handicrafts Store and Ms. Angelita Bernardo of Rattan Handicraft and Furniture Shop.


In the afternoon a Comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation of Products (CMEP) and mobile Business Name Registration was conducted.


The team was accompanied by the municipality’s Business Permit and Licensing Officer Ms. Josephine B. Donato. About 39 business establishments were monitored and registered for business name.


On the third day April 6, 2017 a Bottom-up Budgeting (BUB) Project site visit and monitoring was conducted. The team was accompanied by the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, Mr. Emelito G. Casasola Jr.


The BUB projects of the municipality were Refine Oil Processing out of Coconut fruit and Feed Mill Establishment; located at Barangay Culasi, Palanan. The construction of the building for the projects is almost done.  


Two (2) teams were created composed of DTI PO Staff. The first team which was headed by PD Castillejos conducted an Organizational Meeting and Consultancy with the Sabutan Weavers of Barangay Dimaliculicu and the second team monitored the municipality’s sea ports.


For the first team, pilot officers were elected during the organizational meeting and concerns were raised include market linkage. Meanwhile, for the second team, which was headed by STIDS Agorto conducted an on-site visit and monitoring of Palanan’s sea ports and distributors of supplies e.g. raw materials from far barangays and outside Palanan.


The three (3) day DTI Service Caravan of Isabela Provincial Office was a success. The level of awareness of the Palanan folks on DTI’s programs, projects and activities were increased. The Caravan provided an avenue to inform and educate the community through BEI and CEI, answer the issues and concerns of consumers and of business owners, monitors the SSF and BUB projects, and were able to identify new and potential MSMEs.