Mrs. Ofelia D. Halago is a native of Sabtang, a loving mother of two, a devoted wife to Mr. Gumersindo Halago, and a teacher by profession. She spent almost a silver years of her life in teaching. At present, she is the Secretary of Sangguniang Bayan to the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Sabtang.

       Her engagement in business started when her daughter has a friend who has been a distributor of order-based products like Avon, Natasha and the like but had to stop due to her pregnancy. Her daughter retained the operation of the said business until such time when she handed the operation of the business to Ma’am Fely.

       It all started as a pastime. She allotted her spare time operating the business.By the idea of her daughter, she came up of a retail store named Tukon Store, an Ivatan word for hill where their house is actually located.

       Tukon Store has primarily been established for two reasons. First, for their household consumption since their house is far from local business establishments. Another is to ease the burden of her aged mother going to the mainland just to purchase goods for her sari-sari store in barrio.

       She also fulfilled a dream of one family who had eagerness and determination to have an income generating business but lack of capital to start up with. She provides them the items/products to sell and will be paid after it has been sold, through a pay later scheme.

       Likewise, it is her long time devotion with her family to extend her home to the high school students from the barrios that have no place to stay in centro since she experienced the same when she was still studying.

       Ma’am Fely provides them the real essence of a home, with comfortable bed, food, school supplies, and even personal needs and treats them as part of her family. For twenty years, many students benefitted from her apostolic deed. At present, two students stay with them.

       Just in a less than a year of operating a business, the used to be small retail store is now more appropriate to be described as a convenient store- a one stop shop which comprises of RTW, rice, feeds, frozen goods, bottle beverages, gasoline, vegetables, seasonal goods and decors, among others.

       All she wishes is to meet all the demands of her customers if possible, by providing them everything they look for in a more affordable price especially in their geographical location.