The Shared Service Facilities (SSF) Project of LGU Sta. Teresita will get additional funds from the Department of Labor and Employment under its Kabuhayan Program and from the local government.

The Bakong Weaving and Processing Project which was granted a P216,000 worth of equipment under the DTI’s SSF program will receive an additional P1,000,000 from DOLE to purchase additional Bakong processing machines. The bulk of the additional support fund from the LGU will be used to construct the production center.

The additional equipment will boost the production capacity of the project with the purchase and fabrication of Bakong automatic stripping machine, hand looms and twining equipment.

Bakong is a naturally growing plant in Sta. Teresita that used to be considered as a useless plant species until it was discovered to have promising potential as a fiber material for making handicraft.

The production or manufacturing processes involves the pre-processing of the stem of the Bakong plant in order to extract its fiber which in turn is used to make a twine to be roped or to be used in loom weaving. The pre-processed Bakong is then dried, dyed and converted into various products such as bags, decors, fabric, etc.